Investor-owned utilities are threatened by California’s clean energy future: don’t let them pull the plug on solar.

Keep rooftop solar strong, increase clean energy equity, and help build a cleaner, safer energy future.

Utilities want full dependence on their expensive and unreliable power. This is what they do:

  • Build the most expensive grid possible.
  • Collect a guaranteed profit on top.
  • Force ratepayers to pay more to build outdated infrastructure.
  • Spread misinformation about net metering and rooftop solar.
  • Create fear and insecurity.

Here’s the truth:

  • Net metering and rooftop solar threaten the utilities business model - they will stop at nothing to protect their bottom line.
  • Rooftop solar is critical to meeting California’s clean energy goal and keeping our air clean.
  • Rooftop solar reduces strain on the grid and lowers costs for everyone whether they have solar or not.
  • Solar, especially with batteries, are a consumers' best defense against spiking energy costs and power outages.
  • Just under half of all solar is going into working and middle class neighborhoods and on a growing number of multifamily apartment buildings.

Rooftop solar is California’s path forward - but the utilities have launched a dangerous misinformation campaign to confuse you and protect themselves. Here’s the truth:

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